J. Salla Vinum Altaris

Natural sweet wine that evokes the aromas of Garnacha and Macabeo grapes. Light ambar colour with straw-yellow highlights. Ideal with desserts or nuts.

J. Salla Mistela

Natural sweet wine with aroma and taste of grape juice. Perfect for an aperitif or with desserts.

J. Salla Muscatel

Natural sweet wine made with Alexandria Muscatel. Floral and pleasantly sweet, with golden highlights.


Natural, classic sweet wine. With a special and refined aroma that evokes the grape variety from which it is made.

Vinum Altaris Missae

Natural sweet wine with aromas of white Garnacha and Macabeo grapes. Light amber color with golden highlights.

J. Salla Rancio Wine

Dark amber colored wine with an intense woody nose. Powerful and round on the palate, ideal for dessert, with nuts or as a cooking wine.

Old Boat (Tarragona Classic)

Semi-sweet wine with mistela sugars. Perfect for an aperitif, with desserts or with nuts; also to cook stews, roasts and for marinating meat.

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