Ingredients to prepare a De La Tierra with Vermouth Yzaguirre: 


PISCO - 60ml 2oz

EGG CLARA - 15ml 1/2oz

LEMON JUICE - 30ml 1oz

YELLOW YIELD SYRUP - 30ml 1oz (any lime-like liquid with a little thickness will do)

Step by step to prepare a De La Tierra with Vermouth Yzaguirre:

In a cocktail shaker mix 4cl Yzaguirre Blanco Vermouth, 3cl Pisco, 2cl egg white, 3cl lemon juice and 2cl of our aji amarillo syrup. First shake without ice so that everything emulsifies well and the ingredients are well integrated. Prepare the glass with a lime wedge and sprinkle with a little crushed Maldon salt. Now add ice to the shaker, shake and strain into your prepared coupe glass.

TIP: To make your chilli syrup. Mix one part water to one part sugar, bring to the boil, add 50g dried aji amarillo chilli. Let it steep for two hours and strain when cold. If you see that it is not hot enough, add more chilli to the mixture, it is up to you.

TIP 2 : There are a lot of piscos. Try to find one with green and fresh notes. This will enhance the notes of the vermouth and make for a more refreshing drink.

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